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Pool and Spa Services

At AquaKlear Pools, we offer a comprehensive list of services for pools and spas.  Below are some of the most common pool and spa services we provide.

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Pool and Spa Services

  • Emergency Service
  • Weekly Pool and Spa Service
  • Start-Up Chemicals
  • Algae Treatment
  • Acid Wash for Pool and Spa
  • Calcium Build-up Removal
  • Chlorine Wash
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Water Feature Cleaning
  • Pool Draining
  • Spa Draining
  • Popup Dome Service
  • Heater Installation Service
  • Water Fountain Cleaning, Treatment and Maintenance
  • New Pool Owner – Pool School 101
  • Vacation Service
  • Monsoon Clean Up

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